Air Conditioning


With an average yearly temperature of 28.9 degrees Celsius in Townsville, is it any wonder we enjoy the cool environment that air conditioners provide.

Our qualified electricians can guide you in choosing the most energy efficient system for your home or business.

The size of the air conditioner and the area it is supposed to cool are important considerations that the team at GTL Electrical & Solar can answer. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best cooling solution for your environment.

Summer is the hottest time of year and we want to protect you from the heat. Our preventative maintenance services ensure your cooling system performs at its best. Keeping cool is an essential part of North Queensland living, so let us make your environment as comfortable as possible.

Air conditioning services include:

  • Designing, supplying and installing air conditioners (split system and ducted)
  • Servicing and cleaning air conditioners
  • Re-gassing air conditioners
  • Fujitsu General service agents
Air conditioner