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Townsville has over 300 days of sunshine each year and GTL Electrical & Solar can help you make the most from this free energy source. Our solar specialists will ask about your energy saving goals to identify whether you would like to reduce your electricity bills or eliminate them all together. Government rebates and incentives are still available and our knowledgeable team can answer all of your cost saving questions.

When it comes to solar systems we have 2 great options for you:

    1. Grid connect solar systems
    2. Hybrid solar systems

Grid connect solar systems

Our grid connect solar systems simply means that your solar panels are connected to the main electrical grid. The photovoltaic (PV) panels that are installed on your roof will convert the sun’s rays into energy for your house. If surplus energy is created, that power is then fed back into the grid providing an energy efficient way to earn money.

Hybrid solar systems

The hybrid solar system still connects with the main grid, however delivers an uninterrupted power supply when a black out occurs. The battery back-up provides electricity when others have lost grid power. A great way to become self-sufficient…

GTL Electrical & Solar - Residential Solar Installation on Dusk

RESIDENTIAL solar power systems

Services available:      

  • Design, supply and install new systems (grid or hybrid)
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • Servicing and cleaning of existing solar panels
  • Solar pool pumps

commercial solar power systems

Services available:

  • Quality products with generous warranties
  • Increase the size of existing systems
  • Maintaining and servicing solar panels for optimal performance
  • Design, supply and install new systems (grid or hybrid)
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